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Enjoy fun with neighbors in our resident-led activities or a community celebration hosted by our team. There's always something to do or keep busy with at The Fields at Arbor Glen.

Imagine life at The Fields at Arbor Glen. It is Saturday morning and you are enjoying a cup of coffee from your rocking chair on the patio of your new home. Your grandkids are playing in the nearby bocce ball courts and there is a friendly game of pickleball being played with friends. Feel the warm morning sun on your face as you engage in Tai Chi in the garden. Smell the food cooking on the community grill and feel the excitement of people headed over to the neighborhood potluck. Hear the sweet sounds of a harpist, pianist, or singers during special afternoon concerts as you listen with friends and family from the comfort of your new home.

Learn a new hobby or join that “group” you have been meaning to join. Meet people with similar interests and a zest for life just steps away from your front door. Grab a friend and take a boat cruise down the beautiful St. Croix River. Or pack a picnic and take an afternoon bike ride on one of our beautiful trails. Feel the comfort and warm welcome from the people of Lake Elmo as they greet you on your afternoon walks around The Fields at Arbor Glen and our nearby trail system.

A resident taking an art class near The Fields at Arbor Glen in Lake Elmo, Minnesota

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Lasting Health: 5 Tasty & Nutritious Drinks to Help Mom & Dad Stay Hydrated

Hydration is important! Liquids help us digest our food, get rid of waste, and absorb all the nutrients our body needs to thrive. As people get older, it can be more difficult to stay hydrated. Certain medications or health conditions can cause dehydration, and let’s be honest – it’s hard to drink the recommended six to eight glasses of water every day, even if you don’t have any compounding factors to complicate things. If your loved one is having a hard time staying hydrated, it’s important to find a solution. Dehydration in seniors can cause or aggravate health problems and negatively impact quality of life.

Luckily, staying hydrated doesn’t have to be difficult. Keep reading for a list of delicious and nutritious drinks that can help make hydrating a pleasure instead of a chore.


If you’re aiming for hydration, nothing beats good, old-fashioned water. With that being said, water doesn’t have to be boring! Try shaking this classic up with a nutritious twist. Adding a slice of lemon or lime to a glass of water adds a splash of flavor. If your parents aren’t fans of citrus, cucumber or strawberry-infused water makes for a refreshing beverage. And if they like things on the sweet side, stir in a spoonful of honey for a healthier version of a sweetened drink.


Nothing says nutrition and hydration quite like a smoothie. While traditional fruit smoothies are undoubtedly delicious, try to talk mom and dad into giving a green smoothie a try. Green smoothies have veggies blended in, offering a host of additional nutrients for the same, fruity taste.


Milk is a superfood all on its own, containing almost every single nutrient that your body needs to thrive. Milk also happens to be a great source of vitamins that are especially helpful for seniors. Vitamin D and calcium help improve bone and muscle strength, and the mix of minerals in milk may even help improve blood pressure. If your mom or dad is lactose intolerant, there are numerous milk alternatives available that are also hydrating and nutritious.

Green Tea

If your parents are fans of tea, then make sure they give green tea a try. Not only does it help with hydration, but it’s also chock-full of antioxidants and natural compounds that help reduce inflammation, prevent cell damage, and even fight cancer.


While juice does come with a lot of sugar in the mix, fresh-pressed fruit and vegetable juices can be a great way to add hydration and nutrition to your parents’ day. Steer clear of juice concentrates when shopping at the store, and aim for products that advertise 100% juice with little or no added sugar. For an even healthier alternative, try making fresh juice yourself. There’s nothing more refreshing than a glass of fresh-pressed orange juice in the morning.

If your loved one is having a hard time keeping up with their nutrition, a senior living community might be a good solution. At The Pillars Senior Living, we prioritize nutrition as part of our care. Learn more about our 5-Star dining options by visiting our communities’ Programs and Services page on their websites.

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