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Enjoy fun with neighbors in our resident-led activities or a community celebration hosted by our team. There's always something to do or keep busy with at The Fields at Arbor Glen.

Imagine life at The Fields at Arbor Glen. It is Saturday morning and you are enjoying a cup of coffee from your rocking chair on the patio of your new home. Your grandkids are playing in the nearby bocce ball courts and there is a friendly game of pickleball being played with friends. Feel the warm morning sun on your face as you engage in Tai Chi in the garden. Smell the food cooking on the community grill and feel the excitement of people headed over to the neighborhood potluck. Hear the sweet sounds of a harpist, pianist, or singers during special afternoon concerts as you listen with friends and family from the comfort of your new home.

Learn a new hobby or join that “group” you have been meaning to join. Meet people with similar interests and a zest for life just steps away from your front door. Grab a friend and take a boat cruise down the beautiful St. Croix River. Or pack a picnic and take an afternoon bike ride on one of our beautiful trails. Feel the comfort and warm welcome from the people of Lake Elmo as they greet you on your afternoon walks around The Fields at Arbor Glen and our nearby trail system.

A resident taking an art class near The Fields at Arbor Glen in Lake Elmo, Minnesota

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Morning Activities to Kick Start Your Day

As we age, having a consistent and stimulating morning routine can have a multitude of benefits. It becomes a foundation for fostering mental clarity, promoting physical health, boosting social engagement, and supporting emotional stability. Here are some morning activities seniors can incorporate into their routine.

Engaging in Mild Exercises

Every morning should begin with some form of exercise. While it doesn't have to be a full-blown workout, gentle stretches can help combat muscle stiffness and enhance flexibility. Yoga poses such as the side warrior pose or reclining twist are considered restorative postures and, therefore, fantastic morning options. Alternatively, a brisk morning walk can do wonders for physical and mental well-being. A recommended morning routine for seniors could include 20–30 minutes of low-intensity exercises followed by a healthy breakfast.


Another valuable morning activity for seniors is engaging in writing, as it serves as a healthy mental exercise that can improve cognitive skills. Dedicating at least 15 minutes each morning to jot down a few thoughts and reflections can boost creativity and lower anxiety levels. It creates a safe space for processing emotions and letting go of negativity. For seniors who experience memory loss, reading past journals can be a good way to stimulate memories and other brain activity.

Consuming a Nutritious Breakfast

Malnutrition is a concern for many senior citizens. Care givers at assisted living facilities and at home should make sure that seniors start their day with a wholesome, nutritious breakfast. Foods rich in protein, fiber, and essential vitamins improve cognitive function, enhance mood, and offer the sustained energy required to engage in various activities throughout the day. Even if it's just a smoothie, the goal is to ensure seniors eat something every morning to jump start their metabolism and replenish the body's energy stores after a night's rest.

The Ebenezer team can support your active living needs. To learn more, contact us today!

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