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Enjoy fun with neighbors in our resident-led activities or a community celebration hosted by our team. There's always something to do or keep busy with at The Fields at Arbor Glen.

Imagine life at The Fields at Arbor Glen. It is Saturday morning and you are enjoying a cup of coffee from your rocking chair on the patio of your new home. Your grandkids are playing in the nearby bocce ball courts and there is a friendly game of pickleball being played with friends. Feel the warm morning sun on your face as you engage in Tai Chi in the garden. Smell the food cooking on the community grill and feel the excitement of people headed over to the neighborhood potluck. Hear the sweet sounds of a harpist, pianist, or singers during special afternoon concerts as you listen with friends and family from the comfort of your new home.

Learn a new hobby or join that “group” you have been meaning to join. Meet people with similar interests and a zest for life just steps away from your front door. Grab a friend and take a boat cruise down the beautiful St. Croix River. Or pack a picnic and take an afternoon bike ride on one of our beautiful trails. Feel the comfort and warm welcome from the people of Lake Elmo as they greet you on your afternoon walks around The Fields at Arbor Glen and our nearby trail system.

A resident taking an art class near The Fields at Arbor Glen in Lake Elmo, Minnesota

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Ten Ways for Seniors to Get Better Sleep

Has anyone ever told you that you must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed? Well, for seniors not sleeping at night, there are more repercussions than a cranky morning. When we get better sleep, we enjoy improved focus and our body's immune system restores itself, preventing possible health issues. We’re also less likely to experience depression and nighttime falls. If restful nights are getting harder to come by, or if you’re wondering how to help older adults in your life to sleep soundly, here are 10 simple adjustments that will lead to better sleep.

Set a Schedule

By setting and keeping a regular bedtime, even on weekends, we’re giving our body the cues it needs in order to rest well at night and perform well during the day.

Wind Down With Routine

Another trick to getting great sleep at night is to establish a regular set of activities that help you relax before bed – whether that’s reading a book, listening to calming music, sipping on some herbal tea, or taking a bath. Make sure to turn off your electronic devices during your wind-down routine.

Support Your Sleep

If you sometimes experience body aches that make it hard to sleep well and long, try adding some additional pillows to cushion your legs and back.

Drink Less Fluids Before Bed

Nighttime trips to the bathroom affect our sleep, so to give your body the best chance for a full night’s rest, try keeping fluids to a minimum right before bedtime.

Cut Out Alcohol

Drinking alcohol, especially close to bedtime, can disrupt our sleep patterns, making it more difficult to fall asleep, and also waking us up when its effects wear off. Bottom line: Less alcohol leads to improved sleep.

Use Your Energy

Whether you’re walking, gardening, practicing yoga, or playing pickleball, exercising will tire your muscles during the day, so you can sleep more soundly at night.

Get Some Sunshine

Spending plenty of time in the sun during the day encourages our body’s natural rhythms, so when the sun goes down, we feel that it’s time to rest.

Adjust Your Diet

What we put into our bodies matters for sleep, and that’s especially true for seniors. Limit caffeine and sugar and avoid big meals before bedtime. Medications can affect sleep too, so if you or your loved one are taking multiple medications and having a hard time getting good sleep, check in with your doctor about possible alternatives.

If at First You Don’t Succeed…

If you’re lying in bed and just don’t feel tired, give yourself permission to get up and read or do something that will help you to relax before lying down again. The Mayo Clinic recommends getting up after 20 minutes if you’re still awake, then trying again once you feel sleepy.

Consider the Causes

Sometimes our sleep suffers from the stress, anxiety, and change we’re experiencing in life. Finding someone to talk to about any issues we’re dealing with can calm our minds and help us to fully relax when we need to rest.

At Ebenezer, we care for our residents holistically, relying on our Cornerstones to provide support in every aspect of their lives. Take a look at our Programs & Services page to learn more, and make sure to visit our Ebenezer blog for more articles to inspire your health and wellness.

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